Four Lice

At summer camp, the camp nurse frequently recites the following poem to be staff. I feel it is quite fitting to the day I had today.

Wash your hands,

Wash your hands,

Wash your hands. 


I have one student who frequently demands to go to the nurse. She asks me four to seven times a day to go down for various illnesses, none of which she ever ends up having. Today she claimed she had lice. She has been claiming this for weeks. I have sent her several times and the nurse has sent her back saying there where no lice. 

Today she asked and I said no. I told her that she has claimed she has lice too many times and I do not thinks she really has them. 

Five minutes later, she held her hand out to me and said again that she had lice. Four live lice sat in her hand. 

I nearly said, “get out…” 

Instead, I held it together, didn’t make vomiting sounds, and told her to take herself and her lice to the nurse. 

I cannot stop itching… Round two of the phantom lice has begun. 


Lice, Lice, RabiesĀ 

As the lice begins to clear up on the head of one student, the calls of, “don’t touch that! You might get rabies!” have begun…

While the two episodes are seperate occurrences, the animal issues in our classroom seem ever expanding. Discussion of how you get rabies began and was only derailed by my stepping in to explain you could not get rabies from the bird feather one student had smuggled in from the playground. I had to calm the fears of several students by explaining how you get rabies (a topic I know very little about by the way). Now, I am smart enough to know that the rabies discussion will not end there.  

I am absolutely looking forward to the reports each of my students will write as they decide not to stop disrupting class with rabies talk. 

Phantom Lice

I have had them before and I have them again… Phantom Lice. This morning one of mine came up and said, “in about an hour, I need to go to the nurse because my grandma thinks I have lice.” 

I said, “how about you go now…” 

Now I have phantom lice and cannot stop itching my head. I scratched all day today. I am 99.99% sure I do not have actual lice in my hair but I think I will have the nurse check tomorrow morning anyway. 

Oh the joys of working with kids…