Meet the Teacher Night

This morning, I moved into my classroom. Before I even moved in, I saw the art teacher and music teacher and they both were excited I would be working at the intermediate. The music teacher even showed me her classroom. I am glad she did because I would not have know where it was otherwise! 

I started in my room by clearing off the desks, moving them into place, and scrubbing them with a magic eraser. Somewhere along the line, quite a few students were liberal with the use of their pencils on the desks. The custodians brought me a big desk shortly after I finished scrubbing. The big desk is really nice! I put up three bulletin boards. Not one of them is finished! One only has paper and border but it brought a little color to the room. 

I “finished” in the room 20 minutes before meet the teacher night started. Parents and students trickled in pretty consistently. 19 out of 27 came. They all seem pretty well behaved, which is good. Two students mentioned that they wanted certain desks. One student moon walked for me. He mentioned he liked Micheal Jackson. 

All in all, things are going really well! The other teachers are so nice and helpful! My cabinets are filling up with materials that have given me. There are also tons of books in the room. I am really happy where I am! 

One of the best parts of the day happened when I stopped by the elementary to drop off something for my mentor teacher from student teaching. The elementary principle saw me and asked if I got the job. She said she put in a good word for me. The nurse and another teacher congratulated me as well. It was nice to see people that helped me out so much last semester. 

I will post classroom pictures as soon as everything is done! More work tomorrow but for now I am going to get a nice long sleep in!