Rain and Libraries

It has been a pretty rainy day here and I haven’t had much motivation to get out of my bed and off of my computer. Though, my day has not been as unproductive as it sounds. I organized my classroom books today. I went through the laundry basket, box, and bags that have been sitting disorganized for months and blocking up my closet (my living arrangements being pretty tight nowadays considering everything I own for my classroom and apartment is in my bedroom at home). Well, the boxes are still blocking the closet, they are just a little bit more under control.

I have been struggling to decide how I will get all of them organized. I do not have any idea what my room will look like so honestly I could have to reorganize them all anyway once I get to that point. Not only did I organize them, I also used Library Thing (a free website: librarything.com) to help keep them organized. I just typed in the ISBN and could save that book into my library. I also tagged all of the books so I can search for books about animals, clifford, Kevin Henkes…. Now when I am planning units all I have to do is search to see how many books I have about frogs or whatever. Then I can decide what I need to borrow.┬áThis site also has pictures of the books next to the title so I can more easily find it on my shelves/ in my baskets.

What I think I am going to do is very similar to how my student teaching classroom teacher organized her books. She had her books grouped by theme/ subject on one set of shelves. She then pulled those books when she was doing a unit on that theme/ subject. She put some of the books in the student book baskets and kept the books she would read during read alouds on her desk. I like how that works because all of the books with the same theme/ subject stay together when they are not being used. Also students are not so overwhelmed with choices because then they take too long to choose books to read. It saves time and it keeps my brain from running all over trying to figure out where I put the book I was looking for!

I am hopeful that this will help my stay organized once I am in my room because I tend to be a little scatterbrained about where I put things. Hopefully, I also will not forget what books I already have so I do not buy 12 of the same book over time!