Peanut Book #2

I have six pages completely finished in my second peanut book. I won’t give too much away but here’s a sneak peak. Hopefully coming soon to a mailbox near you!  

Remember you can purchase Peanut’s Great Escape at Books make great gifts for everyone in your life! 


It’s HereĀ 

Peanut’s Great Escape is finally published and finally was delivered to my house! Other people are starting to get their copies. I am officially an author. It is crazy that a young nobody from the middle of nowhere has something she can share with the world! I think it really does go to show that anyone can do anything if they really want to. I never thought I would be able to say, “yeah, I am a published children’s author.” I thought that kind of thing was reserved for really special people, that it would be out of my reach to ever be where I am. 

But here we are! So if you read this know that if a dork like me can do something like this, anyone can!  

Today is my Day

This afternoon, my first book, Peanut’s Great Escape, was published on Amazon. It has been eight months since I started writing and illustrating the book and a lifetime of dreaming about being an author. I am so very excited to finally have it available to others. It is so great that people might read what I wrote and maybe like it a little. 

I have been writing for what seems like my whole life. In fifth grade, my teacher gave our class plain white books to write our own stories in and I still have mine. She told me at the end of the year to never stop writing. I can tell her now that I have never lost that part of me. 

This is my year! This is my life! This is my book! 

A Girl In a Dress In a McDonalds

I am in the process of self-publishing my first (hopefully of many) children’s book. I have had quite a few setbacks which I think is typical with writers. From formatting issues to internet connection problems, I have faced frustrating hurdles. I now find myself sitting in the McDonalds in my hometown trying to upload the document with their internet before my family picks me up for dinner. So I have a pretty nice dress on and am sitting in the McDonalds with my laptop, listening now to off-brand Beatles songs… It is definitely moving faster than my home wifi by it still agonizingly slow. I just want this step in the process to be complete! I have the feeling there will be more formating issues with upload as well. I am trying not to get too down about it but holy crows! I have tried to upload this silly thing almost as many times as I tried to apply for teaching jobs! Hopefully, Peanut’s Great Escape will be coming to Amazon on your computer soon! I’m at 25% now so we can hope!