Simple Machines STEM

Today at the end of the day, my class used self-made simple machines to move a paper ball the length of  a yardstick. The kids are really fun to do these projects with because I let them choose if they want partners and who their partners are. They almost always choose different partners than they did the week before. They also come up with the most creative ways to do things. I just give them a bucket of random stuff like cups, string, Popsicle sticks, and pipe cleaners.

 The best things that happened today was when one student was sitting alone with his head down. I started to walk over to make sure he was okay and another student. who I wouldn’t say was always the nicest, walked up and asked him to join his group. 

I was pretty proud of all of my students for coming up with different types of projects that used one or more of the simple machines we have learned about. They also named off all of the types of machines they used. I was very impressed with all of them!