The Day I didn’t Take a Sick Day

I woke up with a splitting headache, a heavy chest, and watery eyes. I seriously considered calling in sick because I felt so bad. I took a couple of Tylenol cold and head and pushed through. 

I was glad I did. The only unfortunate thing that happened was when I put my hand in throw up. That’s not that unusual though.  

My principal observed me. She talked to me at the end of the day and said my class was so much better. She said she wasn’t sure what I did but that whatever it was it was working. I teared up a little in her office. It was really stress relieving! 

I went to visit Mrs. K. but she wasn’t around. I did meet someone that was really encouraging. I walked in with this lady and we chatted about the amazing Christmas trees in the lobby. We talked as we went down the hall and it turns out she is the grandmother of one of my students from last year. When I told her who I was she was super excited. Turns out, she bought my book! It was so awesome to meet someone who I didn’t even know who got some enjoyment out of something I wrote! 

I am glad I toughed it out! I am glad I have each day with my class. I’m glad I have work friends who ask me if things are going alright when they see me in the office. I am glad I have a mentor who I can visit once a week. I am glad I have what I have!