#10 and Two Weeks

Update on my search for a job: I have now applied at ten different schoolsĀ in nine different school districts in two different states. I have heard back from two schools; both with a “no thanks but keep us in mind for the future.” So basically, no luck yet.

There are two weeks until August first. Some schools start August first. Some a week before that. Some the week after. Not a lot of time left. Considering the fact that the date I set for making decisions passed a week ago, I am not feeling so great about this whole situation. Every day that passes and I am closer and closer to not being a teacher. I spent the past four years working hard and paying loads of money to be the person I want to be and every day the chances of being that person this school year grow smaller. I got good grades. I volunteered working with kids all through school. I worked my butt off student teaching. I substitute taught for a few days. I check several different job posting sites every day, sometimes twice a day. What is left to do but pray?

Eight schools to hear back from in two weeks time. The odds do not seem to be in my favor.


On another note…

I bought supplies to make restroom passes at the Hobby Lobby today. I like making my own stuff because it looks exactly like I want it to and it does not look like anyone else’s. Also it’s cheeper. I got the paper I am going to use for 50% off. I already have some wood and string leftover from other projects so the whole thing is going to cost me less than $5. Pretty good deal especially since I am currently working a slightly-more-than minimum wage job. I will post pictures as soon as the passes are done!



I have officially applied at nine different elementary schools in eight different school districts in two different states. I have heard nothing… It’s great! (I am being sarcastic.) I am not really sure what I doing wrong. I thought through ever answer I gave to every question each application asked and I made good grades in school. I emailed my cooperating teacher and asked her when I should start to panic about not having a job. She conveniently skirted the question. It did make me feel a little better to hear from her. I know I should try not to worry because many people are in the same boat I am but as the first day of school creeps closer, I have to wonder of this is really going to work out for me…

I am worried that I will never get a teaching job and continue working at my part-time, slightly-more-than-minimum-wage job. With nine applications under my belt, I would have thought at least one would contact me. I am definitely nervous that I just spent four years working toward something that will never happen. I guess I got my good 15 weeks in during student teaching. With the way things are going now, that is all the time I will spend teaching in a classroom!

Application, Application, Application

I spent 2 1/2 hours today applying to jobs, getting my transcripts, writing a cover letter, and applying for my teaching license! When I write it all out it doesn’t sound like that much time to get all that done but it sure felt like it. I filled with out the most stressful application I ever have before. It gave all of these senarios and then gave examples of what people might do and I had to choose if I strongly agreed, agreed, neither, disagreed, or strongly disagreed that I would respond that way. These were not easy senarios either. I genuinely did not know how to answer some of them because responding could probably be interpreted more than one way!

Time is really ticking for me. Last year, I set July 10 as my decision making day. The day I got home from camp was supposed to be the day I decided on a job in Indiana or South Carolina. It is not really working out that way. I haven’t had a non- pre- recorded video “interview” yet. People I went to school with post on the daily that they are getting jobs and I’m over here like, “yeah… Nope! I’ve got nothing.” 

Well, if all else fails I could try subbing at many different school… Not ideal but better than nothing, I suppose!