Weekend Work and the Survey

I surveyed my students anonymously about how they felt about school, the staff, and me. I felt pretty good when only 3/23 students said false to, “My teacher is a good teacher.” When I asked the students what they thought about our school most of them chose the positive answer choices. It was pretty refreshing to hear that my students don’t hate school, each other, and me as much as I thought they did.

I have spent Friday night and tonight looking over the data scanning for patterns. Something is a little depressing about that fact. It makes me feel better about some things and worse about others. The political scientist in me loves comparing all these numbers! I even had a another teacher ask for it!



“Miss Haley, Student’s Phone is Bigger than Yours…”

Today I took away a student’s phone because I asked her to put it up when the announcements started and she apparently just put it in her pocket and then kept it there during class. I took it and put it in my desk drawer with my phone where I could keep an eye on it. I gave it back to her at the end of the day. When she came over to get it, a few other girls followed. I opened the drawer and one of the girls looks in and looks at the phone and then up at me…

“Miss Haley, Student’s phone is bigger than yours!”

The they proceeded to tease me about how small and old my phone is. It is an Iphone 5… It is a year and three months old… They are however; impressed with my school-issued macbook air because it is, “so cool and so nice and so thin!”

Apparently, size does matter…