Welcome to my Class!

Hello, everybody! My name is Miss Haley and I recently graduated from college. YAY! I graduated with a degree in elementary education and I cannot (absolutely CANNOT) wait to get a job teaching. I currently do not have my own classroom but I hope soon there will be one that is all mine. I just finished my student teaching at a lovely little elementary school in Indiana where I had the very best experience with the very best mentor teacher imaginable (you can read all about my adventures in student teaching through my last blog The View from Student Teaching). Now, I am ready for my own room with my own set of students. I am looking for jobs all over my home state of Indiana as well as my dream state of South Carolina. We will see what happens!

Everyone tells me the first few years of teaching are the hardest and the ones you learn the most during. I can imagine this is absolutely the truth and I hope by writing out my experiences I will learn as much as I can and maybe help others out in the process. I know it is going to be an adventure I will never forget. Come on by here any time and take a look though my classroom window. I hope what you will see is a messy, controlled chaos that means everyone is learning to their fullest potential.