So Darn Close

I am about two days away from publishing my first ever book. I wrote Peanut’s Great Escape in January, did all of the illustrations in the spring, and am now attempting to publish it for sale. The book is all about the class hamster my student teaching mentor had last year and her adventures to find out where the class goes at the end of the day. I have been working and working to get this ridiculous publishing process over. I submitted it for review and should hear back from Amazon soon about whether it is ready to go or not.

I honestly cannot wait to get my first copy of what people might actually purchase. The actual first copy belongs to my mentor teacher because it was her thank-you-for-putting-up-with-me gift. I am so darn close to finally finishing this one, I want to start work on the second book. I hope once it gets published you all will take a look and consider including it in your personal or class library. I am honored every day that people read my words on this blog and would be beside myself with happiness if other people liked my little book!

As writer, I write what I know and about what I experience every day. I love that other people get a little bit of enjoyment out of my stories. I write because I love it. I publish it because if one other person gets the same enjoyment from my writing as I do from other’s writing, it was well worth it.

Please take a look into Peanut’s Great Escape, soon to be on Amazon (hopefully)!


A Girl In a Dress In a McDonalds

I am in the process of self-publishing my first (hopefully of many) children’s book. I have had quite a few setbacks which I think is typical with writers. From formatting issues to internet connection problems, I have faced frustrating hurdles. I now find myself sitting in the McDonalds in my hometown trying to upload the document with their internet before my family picks me up for dinner. So I have a pretty nice dress on and am sitting in the McDonalds with my laptop, listening now to off-brand Beatles songs… It is definitely moving faster than my home wifi by it still agonizingly slow. I just want this step in the process to be complete! I have the feeling there will be more formating issues with upload as well. I am trying not to get too down about it but holy crows! I have tried to upload this silly thing almost as many times as I tried to apply for teaching jobs! Hopefully, Peanut’s Great Escape will be coming to Amazon on your computer soon! I’m at 25% now so we can hope!